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Mr. Neil H. Daseler

We Know A Thing Or Two


I am sure many of you have seen the insurance company television advertisements that depict an accident and how the company handled the problem.  Their ads end with “We know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two.”  In many ways that philosophy also pertains to Las Vegas Day School since over the past 57 years we have had a significant amount of experience in dealing with all aspects of educating children.

History is a very good teacher but we also try to grow and learn from every aspect of our day to day experiences both positive and negative.  We want to make decisions that are always in the best interest of our students and that is why we treat every child as if they were our own.  In that accord, ultimately, we always hope to earn our parents’ trust.  Sometimes it is difficult for a parent to accept our recommendation or advice, but over the years we have dealt with thousands of children and numerous, identical situations.  Another factor that history tells us is that if results aren’t immediate, they are forthcoming as we have consistently produced successful graduates who are prepared for high school, college and life.  All in all, parents will never find a school that cares as much about the ultimate success of our students as we put our heart and soul into what we do each and every day.  That attitude is what allows LVDS to be a little like that insurance company and take care of concerns no matter how challenging or varied. 


Staff Longevity


I think a very important point in the evaluation of a school is staff longevity.  Our goal has always been to find, hire and retain the finest educators possible.  We are exceptionally proud of the fact that we have a veteran staff and there is ultimately very little turnover at LVDS.  We have a faculty and staff of 150 with 24 staff members that have been with us for over five years, 19 for over ten years, 4 over fifteen years, 10 over twenty years, and 4 over thirty years and yours truly who is in his 41st year at the school.  The balance of the younger staff mixed with master teachers provides the influx of fresh ideas within the successful infrastructure of a proven, outstanding, academic program. Experience is never simply enough; however, it is critically important to improve each year and not just maintain the status quo.  All teachers are actively encouraged to further their education with university course work as well as continuing educational seminars and classes.  Just as we instill in our children you can never stop learning.


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