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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

How do you define value in a private school education at Las Vegas Day School?  Parents need to always get the greatest value for their investment in their child’s education.


  • First and foremost, we have always sought to find and hire the finest educators possible and retain them.

  • LVDS has a very low turnover of staff which inherently provides for better continuity of education for our children.

  • It is also vitally important to have high caliber educational materials, textbooks, supplies and technology available for our students and teachers.

  • Our modern, state of the art campus with large, comfortable well-appointed classrooms, science and computer labs, extensive playground equipment, athletic field, track and two gymnasiums are all part of what we provide students and staff that is unequaled.


In considering the investment value, Las Vegas Day School is a commitment but in comparison to other high quality educational institutions we are certainly more reasonable. 

  • We afford our families a greater value for the tuition dollar than other schools that charge significantly more.

  • For those schools that are charging less one must weigh that difference and determine if they will be getting the same value that LVDS offers.


We do feel it is important to note that our school is unique as we operate solely on a tuition only basis. 

  • We don’t accept any gifts, grants, donations or federal funding and there isn’t a parent name on any building at LVDS.

  • Parents will never be asked to attend a fundraiser or contribute financially in any manner.

  • Ultimately, this keeps a parent’s financial stature from ever being a consideration and creates the assurance that every child and family in the school are equal.

  • This financial philosophy is unheard of among private schools in Las Vegas or anywhere in the country.


Beyond all the tangible assets is the history of successful graduates for over fifty-five years that leave LVDS with the academic and organizational skills that completely prepares students for higher education.  That is the ultimate value of Las Vegas Day School.  

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